Tuesday, June 15, 2010

3DS Repeats One of the PSP's Major Mistakes

Mere minutes ago, Nintendo announced their latest handheld gaming device; The 3DS. It bolsters better graphics, 3D viewing without the need for glasses, the ability to take 3D digital pictures, a control stick (analog stick), wide support from developers, and more. However, it makes a major mistake that Sony made with their PlayStation Portable.

The PlayStation Portable made the mistake of putting the analog stick on the same side as the D+pad. Even if they had just put the analog stick on the right side, then camera control would have been much easier, and there may have been more viable first person shooters.

While I am not suggesting that a Nintendo handheld would even have many FPS titles, Nintendo is known for their platformers. And 3D (I mean, what we meant by 3D before this pop out 3D stuff) platform games would greatly benefit with such an outlet for camera control. And as we have learned with the PSP, camera control with one and player control with the other when they're both on the same side, is restrictive, annoying, and difficult.

That said, I'm sure that the 3DS will have excellent games as many great publishers and developers have already declared their support. But this mistake definitely puts a damper on the possibilities.


  1. Wtf they have a touch pad for aiming FPS will pwn on this machine.

  2. Not just the touch pad, but the motion controls are said to work very well with controlling the camera. The interviews on Nintendo.com say it all...