Friday, April 9, 2010

Crytek Needs To Put Up or Shut Up About the Console Versions of Crysis 2

For the last couple of months, Crytek has bragged on about Crysis 2 being the best looking game on the PS3 and 360. They claimed that they "hit the graphical ceiling" on the PS3 and that the 360 and PS3 versions are identical (Which raises some eyebrows, considering that the Ps3 has been leading the graphical charge on the consoles for a while). So with all of this talk, when will Crytek show us some evidence of such?

What have we seen of Crysis 2 so far? A teaser trailer? Some screens that aren't from gameplay perspectives? Where are the videos/screenshots of gameplay? I mean, we haven't even seen the graphics of ONE of the versions in real-time gameplay.

And what about the questions that PR talk and videos don't (necessarily) answer? What resolution do the console versions play in? What, if any, anti-aliasing? And do they both run in competent, near identical frame rates?

So Crytek, how about you give us some REAL answers? Anyone can take advantage of PR talk.....but can you take advantage of both the Ps3's and 360's hardware?

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  1. anyone can say there game, coming a year after the last benchmarks is going to set a new benchmark

    simple. lets lee what else is out in the same timeframe (couple of months) socom4 and halo reach. ok so itl beat those.

    but in april gears 3 and killzone 3 drop. no way cryengine will compete.

    cryengine on a pc however, a housend pound pc (1700 dollar pc) then yeh, itl take the crown still like its been doing the last 3 years on pc, it is a benchmark game. they feel they have weight, but on 'console' they have nothing, not even a proper gameplay screenshot.

    so i agree wih this article wholeheartdly, put out or shut up.

    itl beat socom 4, itl beat halo reach.
    medalofhonour will give it a run for its money.
    killzone 3 will be ridicolous. uncharted3 well, i dare think will take the crown, and wont be beaten for a year... or so.

    anuone heard of cellius, a company wholeheartly owned by sony/namco and a few others, there only aim is to research the cell chip and make better graphics, . microsoft set one up last year, sony been at it sinse' launch day. and theve just broken through. can you say 'ace combat 7.'